Directory of All Known Honda Pacific Coast (PC800) Web Sites in the Universe
[affiliated with the Internet/International/Intergalactic PC Rider's Club (iPCRC)]

I have listed all of the PC800-related web pages I could find.  If you know of any others that are not listed here, please email their addresses to me: Leland Sheppard

I periodically test these links to be sure that they are current; the ones marked "- moved?" are not.  If you find others that are NOT current or if you find the location of any of those that are marked " - moved?", please let me know.  Thanks.

This site was last updated on 06/29/2015 to add the link to the article on the PC800 at eBay.

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PC800 Club Sites

iPCRC Mailing List and Web Site at Yahoo

iPCRC Message Archive, 1994 to present; updated hourly (Thanks to Tim Dearborn)

Pacific Coast Club of Belgium - moved?

Pacific Coast Club of France

PC800 Germany Home Page

Pacific Coast Club of the Netherlands

NCPCRC Home Page - Northern California PC Riders Site

SCPCRC Home Page - Southern California PC Riders Site

Ozark PC Riders Site

PC800 Sidecar Group at Yahoo

PC800 Technical and Miscellaneous Info

PC800 Trunk Carpet Patterns

PC800s For Sale and Wanted  to Buy

PC800: High Mileage PC800 Rider List

PC800: List of Names PC Owner's have given their bikes

PC800 Maintenance Database

PC800 Maintenance Schedule by Bruce Pickett

PC800 Mud Flap Installation and Specifications

PC800 Owner's Manual

PC800 Owner Registry (this is also the iPCRC registry)

PC800 Owner Registry Text Files (text version of above)

PC800 Parts Wanted and For Sale Database at the ipcrc site

PC800 Parts List (complete parts microfiche contents)

PC800 Passenger Back Rest Installation Instructions

PC800 Rider Records (oldest, youngest, etc.)

PC800 Ride Guide - list of all known organized PC800 rides and gatherings worldwide

PC800 Serial Number List/Number of PCs made

PC800 Shop/Service Manual

PC800 Trailering with a Canyon Dancer Harness

PC800 Trunk Light Installation Template

PC800 Windshield Comparison

The Great Pacific Coast Highway Pacific Coast Motorcycle Year 2000 (+??) Motorcycle Ride Home Page (TGPCHPCMY2KMR)

June 2001 Rider Magazine article on TGPCHPCMY2KMR by Rick Corwine

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) Construction including PC800 info

Motorcycle Online article on PC800:  Born to be Mild

eBay Article on PC800 by PCStarShip (Ralph Couey?)

Personal Web Pages - PC800 Info

Arvid Løvik's Home Page - Norway

Bill Jones PC800 Page

Bob Broeking's LD page including PC800 information - moved?

Bruce Pickett's Home Page

Daniel MacKay's Home Page - Canada

Douglas Van Bossuyt's Home Page including PC800 information

Elton Hammond's Page - Canada

Emile's PC800 Page - Netherlands

Erol Sommer's Home Page including PC stuff

Guy Vandendriessche's Blog including PC stuff

Jeff Grigoletti's PC Project Blog

Johnny Riddering's PC800 sidecar project page - Netherlands (Please note that although the website is in Dutch, Johnny has an English translation in progress)

Johnny Riddering's Trailer project for his PC800 sidecar rig

Leland's PC800 Page

Lonnie Stiver's PC800 Page

Marco's PC800 Page

Roland Liessem's Pacific Coast Pages - Germany

Ryan's Pacific Coast Page

Selden's Motorcycle Page (includes PC info)

Walter Schaap's PC800 Page - Netherlands

Wolfgang Kaufmann's PC800 Page - Austria

Commercial Sites Selling PC800 Parts,
Accessories and other items - PC800 themed T-shirts, cups, decals and more - used motorcycle parts including PC800 parts - also available on

PC800 Patches/Decals for Sale - from Harry Mitchell - Mick-O-Pegs Highway Pegs - PC800 version available

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